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Default Youtube likes & Views for sell Shop!!


For those who needs views you tube likes our subscribers I will charge

50 Rewards1 points for 50 views
50 Rewards1 points for 50 likes
50 Rewards1 points for 50 subscribers

100 Rewards1 Points for 100 views
100 Rewards1 points for 100 likes
100 Rewards1 points for 100 subscribers

you will add me on rewards1 friends list pm me your video link and send points once i have points i will upload what ever you need.
To start earning tons of points just go to the earn tab in the upper left corner of your screen and then click offers to start earning points.

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You realize someone does 100 pts for 1000+ views right xd
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Originally Posted by gpulos26 View Post
and how in the world are you going to give 50 subs to someone real ones that video will not ban you for or some bot that will make fake ones
what is life

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