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Post Earn $$$ with MoMariner's Tasks

Earn R1 Points Completing MoMariner's Tasks
Many of you around the R1 Community may know who I am. And some don't. But I have created this thread mainly because there are some stuff I just don't feel like doing on the Internet... So I (myself) am willing to pay fellow R1 Members to complete some tasks that I'm too lazy to do... Take a look and see if you want to do any of them. And if your interested simply find me in Public Chat and get in touch with me to let me know your attempting the task. The reward for completing the task will be listed alongside the task. I may add or remove certain tasks as my needs will change, but be sure to check back periodically as I might add new ones for the R1 Community to complete.


PAYOUT: 100 R1 Points
I am looking for someone to find me the Full Version of a Wife Swap Episode. It is from 2007 and is Season 3 Episode 15 (Meeks/Hoover) of the regular version (US) of Wife Swap, not celebrity. So, I need you to find me the place in which I can watch it online for free, and or download it. After I approve I will send you 100 R1 Points.

PAYOUT: 25 R1 Points
I am looking for someone to sign up for a newsletter for me. It enters you into a drawing for a Free Amazon Fire Tablet and takes like 30 seconds to complete.
1) Go to Site Below
2) Sign Up For Free Newsletter with your email (Dont worry I wont be able to see it, only they will. They are trusted and will not sell your information.)
3) Verify your eMail
4) Contact me with the approximate time you completed this via PC or PM
5) After I verify that you signed up, I will then send you your points!
Begin Here: https://goo.gl/5Xs3m8

PAYOUT: 10 R1 Points and more!
I am looking for people to check out my new games site www.pcpython.com I will pay you 10 R1 Points if you go and play Flip Diving and get 15 Flips. YOU MUST TAKE A SCREENSHOT FOR VERIFICATION! Here is what I will pay for getting even higher scores while playing on my site. Here are the payouts for values:
High Scores:
15 Flips=10 R1 Points
25 Flips=20 R1 Points
35 Flips=25 R1 Points
50 Flips=50 R1 Points

1) You must screenshot your high score or it will not count! You must also upload the screenshot to a hosting site and post the link below! I will then send your points!
2) Flips must be earned at once. As in, you must do 15 flips in a row to earn 10 R1 Points, and so on. This does not mean you have to do it in one jump. You simply have to do 15 flips altogether before you bellyflop, backflop, hit the rocks, miss the landing, etc.[/SIZE]
Task 4
Payout:4 R1 Points each
I am willing to pay you for sending me a CLEAR, HQ photo of your receipts from your recent shopping expeditions. It must include the WHOLE receipt in the photo. I will also only be willing to accept receipts from Walmart, Target, and SAMS Club. They cannot be older than 10 days, and feel free to send in as many as you want!

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first https://gyazo.com/58755c148665b45185745a74a8cf1be3
best picture ever! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntl96KXPsbo

All hail the best staff "dotti" fear for her wrath!!!
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