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Originally Posted by DeductedCargo View Post
Basically, I got a new tv, plugged it in and guess what. Boom turns on and everything works perfectly fine. The problem was the tv I was using not the PS4. Good thing as well because I almost was about to buy a ps4 slim/pro. But now I got another issue... The wifi signal upstairs is not strong, I usually get 50-60mbps download and 5-10mbps upload downstairs on my ps4. Upstairs now i'm getting 1-10mbps download and 1-4 Mbps upload. Any tips or advice to boost the speed or connection will be appreciated!
wait wtf ngga you didnt try pluggin it into ur pc monitor or sumthin or like connecting a different thing to the same hdmi port on da tv tf kinda shtty troubleshootin u doin wtfh

as for ur internet, easy solution; just download more ram

nah but get a range extender or sumthin i think those exist, or a second router upstairs, or u cud move the router upstairs and see if the signal travels down better than it does up
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wifi extender wud b nice
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