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Default Easy High Paying YS

Just finished a major update to my your-surveys userscript. Note that if you had the previous version, this is technically an entirely new script and you won't be updated automatically. You'll need to reinstall for the new features.

This script should be pretty foolproof, it adds a new entry to the YS API list, where you can either select a cash value from a dropdown list, or enter in your own id, and have the link automatically change. It also still has the functionality of the old script, and strips existing api links of the hmac parameter.

  1. Install Tampermonkey, available for Chrome or Firefox
  2. Go here and click "Install version x.xx"
  3. Go do sum banes boi
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Now it is not the Communists but our own government that seeks our slavery, spies on us and gives us less and less while taking more and more. The biggest hollow rabbit of all to me is the American people. We are lazy, scared and apathetic.


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Default Omg

JONNI This is mazing idk how you did this please be my god
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Thanks Joni, this should be quite helpful. Muahahaha....
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