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Default [Cookies] Internet Explorer 7

How to Clear Your Browser's Cookies
  • Cookies contain information that websites have gathered about you and stored on your computer as small text files. Most of these files are completely harmless, but others store where you went, what you did, and any personal information you gave. Web sites may also allow other websites (their advertisers, for example) to put cookies known as third-party cookies on your computer. To ensure that companies are not keeping tabs on what you do online, use one of the following methods to clear your browser’s cookies.
  1. Open your browser and go to Tools > Internet Options.

  2. Under the General tab, find the Browsing History section. From here, you can decide whether to delete some or all cookies:
    • To delete all cookies, click Delete, select Delete Cookies, and hit Yes.

    • To selectively delete cookies, go to Settings > View Files. Select the cookies you wish to delete (hold down CTRL while clicking to make multiple selections) and press Delete.

  • It is a good idea to clear your browser's cookies on a regular basis.

  • You can disable or restrict cookies via your browser’s security settings. This is recommended for security reasons but will render some sites inoperable; to be able to use such sites, you will have to add them as exceptions to your restrictions list.

  • It is a good idea to clear your browser's cache while clearing cookies. The cache stores information, images, and web pages on your computer for quick and easy access. Hackers can obtain crippling financial information from your cache if you're not careful.
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