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Default SaySo For Good / Research For Good

rfg recently approached us and asked if we wanted to run their offers, in addition to surveys - we said sure.

we'd gotten feedback that the new offers seemed endless, with no clear target goal. so we removed offers from rfg api late last week. the flip side is, there were members getting credited for doing them.

users had been saying that they don't see much for rfg api recently - this is why. without the additional offers, there are likely not many (if any) surveys targeted for you.

rfg (like many other market research companies) will profile users over time (collect your info) to improve the matching process with the goal of improving your conversion rate (or decreasing your disqualify rate).

so i guess my questions to rfg users is:
1. should we display offers?

2. are people finding rfg conversion rates to improve over time with use? ie. the more you use it, the easier it is to be matched to a survey?

thanks for your input
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Since other users seem to be able to actually complete them, It wouldn't hurt to keep them posted. Thanks for the info Bean
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I actually find that the qualification questions under the offers are heavily repetitive (I get the exact same questions every cycle, and I also know this because I'm not getting any points for answering "new" qualification questions anymore). This just gives me the impression that the whole "profiling" system isn't working too effectively, as they have to keep asking me if I'm of Hispanic/Latino origin, etc.

It'd probably be good to keep the API offers around, as when I am greeted with a point-blank message telling me there aren't any surveys available for me, I get a little paranoid because I feel like RFG might have gone off on a massive blocking spree, haha.

Also, is there a problem with the router surveys? Every single time I click on one, it asks me for my age and to fill in a captcha, and then I am subsequently told that there are no surveys available for me. Is this just me, or are other people experiencing this as well?

Thanks for the time and attention into the matter, bean!
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