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Default I have a confession

I have NO friends i have are on r1 and i have nothing to look forward to in life and i just sit home all day and try to do surveys so make some money to eat junk food. I got to school and eat my food in the bathroom because im scared to sit alone at lunch and sometimes my food falls in the toilet and i have to go get new food. i have to pick my food out of the toilet bowl because i dont want others to know how im eating in there and feel gross because i feel like poop everywhere on my body.

I have a decent amount of referrals and i got them by sitting home all day making videos and stuff to cover up my loneliness. I help my referrals and tell them to add me on skype so I can help them do surveys so that i can get ref cash or a payment from them and i like to call it Bane School

My only friends on r1 are awesmoness2800, limitx and snakehawk100 and they give me my only joy and make me want to come online because of my loneliness.

All i can every look forward to is teaching my referrals how to do banes even thought most never message me back or leave before they do anything. I currently have over $100 on hold and every cent that comes back to me gives me life and is a new reason to get up out of bed.

Im a broken person i hope all of you don't hate me.
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Originally Posted by jollyhersfa View Post
Now it is not the Communists but our own government that seeks our slavery, spies on us and gives us less and less while taking more and more. The biggest hollow rabbit of all to me is the American people. We are lazy, scared and apathetic.


i <3 systematicgal3k2!! i really hope we get married some day
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Is this true now FORCE??
Woopity poop
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Pretty sure this is illegal in someway or another, but image you travel the world making YouTube videos of you eating lunch in restrooms. It's a pretty unique niche and you not only review the food but the restroom. xD

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