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Default Rookies CANNOT transfer/receive points

Ranks is a system used both to recognise trusted users, as well as minimize risk of fraud. New users all start out at rank 1, with limited features.

This means rank 1's cannot transfer points. I repeat, THEY CANNOT transfer points.

This means if you are a rank 1 and selling something for points, it is IMPOSSIBLE. You may use other means of currency (Paypal, bitcoin, whatever idk) to transfer, but to stop begging R1 has prevented Rank 1's from transfering points.

You can become rank 2 by ordering a prize. Becoming rank 2 will allow you to transfer points. Ordering a prize is pretty easy, as you only need 500 points to order your first prize.

For reference, the rank table and information can be found here.

Sorry for any inconvienience.

p.s. threads created that are not in accordance with rules shall be deleted. lots of love, dotti.
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