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Default Why were the points for my offer reversed? (READ)

Too many questions in chat about reversals...making this quick guide as a convienient link.

What are Reversals?

Reversals occur when you didn't complete an offer to the instructions, e.g using fraudulent information. The advertiser (who put up the offer) is able to reverse the payment, meaning rewards1 lose the money, meaning rewards1 has to subtract the points from your account.

Completing an offer correctly should not result in your offer being reversed. It is extremely rare that the advertiser is in the wrong.

Most GPT's operate like this, and in all situations, THE GPT CAN DO NOTHING. They cannot re-pay you points that they do not have the money for.

Hope this clears things up...
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this isn't locked, but has no replies. was it locked b4 and it got unlocked somehow or have all replies been deleted?

or am i da first to reply
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