Rewards1 Terms of Service

1. Description ("R1") is a free rewards service ("Service") which awards points ("Points") or cash ("Cash") to members for the successful completion of earning opportunties, or incentives ("Incentives").  Incentives are provided by 3rd party sponsors ("Sponsors") and include promotional offers, paid surveys, shopping online, clicking ads and watching videos.

2. Credits

Points or Cash is credited to members' accounts only after R1 receives confirmation via postback from Sponsors that all Incentive requirements have been met. Confirmation is typically received within minutes, but may take days due to infrastructure variations between Sponsors.

R1 reserves the right to hold funds and/or reward requests for up to NET75 (75 days past the end of current month), ie. the period which Sponsors will typically issue reversals ("Reversals", "Reversal") by. Holds typically apply to high paying Incentives and to accounts which exhibit unusual or suspicious behaviour.

3. Reversals

A Reversal is a reverse credit, issued from Sponsors indicating a Terms of Service breach, typical reasons include: duplicate user, early cancellation, misrepresentation, bad or unusable user data, or fraud. Funds credited from the reversed Incentive will be debited from your account, and excessive or fraudulent Reversals will result in membership ban.

Using a pre-paid credit card as payment for most Incentives will cause it to reverse, and will usually be stated by the Sponsor and the Incentive.

4. Rewards

Members may exchange Points for any reward found under the Redeem menu, and cash may be redeemed via PayPal or cheque minus Paypal transfer or postage fees respectively. Reward requests require a minimum of 500 Points, or $5 Cash, and usually take 0-3 days to process.

Members may also shop from most popular online vendors and use Points to pay for a custom reward, at the rate of 1 Point to $0.01 USD. Members may shop in any currency and are responsible for all applicable costs including shipping, taxes, tariffs and currency exchange fees. Age restricted reward requests will not be honoured unless member explicitly states they're of age to legally purchase, own and use the item requested, and requests for illegal or dangerous items will be rejected. Custom rewards may take up to 5 days to process.

R1 is not responsible for game codes, gift cards, game currency or custom rewards which are lost, damaged, provided bad or otherwise mishandled by vendors. All fulfilled rewards are final and non-refundable.

Points and Cash have no intrinsic or monetary value and are redeemable under R1's sole and absolute discretion.

5. Affiliate Program

Members who refer new users to R1 (with their referral link) are considered affiliates and earn revernue-share commission based off their referral's earnings. Referral commissions are paid as Cash and remain in effect for the lifetime of the referred member.

Reversals from referred members will also reverse the corresponding commission earned from the reversed lead.

Encouraging, poaching, incentivizing or otherwise getting existing members not referred by you to re-signup as your referral is not tolerated and will result in Affiliate Program or membership ban.

Affiliates are expected to operate with integrity and adhere to general marketing best practices, standards and guidelines.  Affiliates must also observe any rules and regulations set forth by our Sponsors governing the marketing, methodology, dessimination or acquisition techniques of sub-affiliates.

6. Services

A. Points Transfer

Members may transfer Points to another member, provided both are at least rank 2 (Junior) or higher.  A fee of 3% will be applied to the recipient, and all Points transfers are final.

B. Trade Center

Members may create trades in Trade Center, which is a system designed to secure the exchange of Points with goods or services between members. Trading takes place with a lock-step confirmation system between buyer and seller, and funds are held in escrow pending buyer satisfaction.

Once a trade is agreed to, seller has until the trade deadline to deliver the item(s) of trade to the buyer. Buyers may conclude the trade at anytime, thus releasing funds to seller, and after deadline have the option to enter the trade into dispute. Five (5) days after deadline, in the event of a non-responsive buyer (ie. failure to either conclude or dispute the trade), Points will default to the seller.

In the event of a dispute staff will ask both parties for evidence, so document and submit any and all related and relevant information or detail supporting your claim. Any and all decisions rendered by staff are final. Disputes are subject to a 10% service charge, the Points balance of which will be awarded in favour of the winning party.

All trades are subject to 3%, the standard Points transfer rate, and only members of rank 2 or higher may create or receive trades.

C. Cash to Points

Cash may be converted to Points at the rate of $0.01 Cash to 1 Point.  All conversions are final.

Due to Sponsor restrictions, Points cannot be converted to Cash.

D. Search & Win

Search & Win provides members opportunity to win Points by searching the internet.  Chances of winning are not affected by search volume, clicks on search results, or ad clicks.  Use of any automated, programmed, or similar search methods is prohibited.  Illegitimate searches including, but not limited to: searching for random letters/numbers, repetitive searches, or other non-standard search behaviour will void Search & Win eligibility.

Search & Win is restricted to residents of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

E. Games

Members may compete for Points against other members in games of skill and chance by issuing a Game for Points challenge.  Winners will receive the combined total of all wagers minus game fee.  You must be of rank 2 (Junior) to issue or accept a Game for Points challenge.

Tripeaks Solitaire  The highest score submitted within the game time allocated wins.  If two or more players submit the same score, the faster time wins.  The game's match-maker matches players based on comparable skill level and experience.  Members challenged have 7 days to respond before an automatic decline is issued.

Battleship  The first one to sink all of the other players ships is declared the winner.  Challenges issued in Battleship last for 3 min before the challenge expires.

Any attempt to edit, alter, deceive or disrupt any part of any game's timer, scoring mechanism, general function or data elements, or otherwise attempt to manipulate any game in a manner not designed or intended, will not be tolerated.

F. Add Funds

Rank 3 (Senior) members may add Cash to their R1 accounts through Paypal. Funds added through Paypal is converted to R1 cash at the rate of $1 USD = $1 R1 Cash, less Paypal transfer fees and R1 receiving fee (3%), and cannot be reversed or refunded. Spending, trading or otherwise using converted funds implies acceptance and agreement of all Paypal charges & transfers.

Contact support to initiate a Paypal transfer.

7. Eligibility

To use the Service members must be at least 18 years old, or at least 13 with parental consent.

Members may have at most one account, and accounts may not be shared, transferred, exchanged, sold or otherwise change ownership without the expressed consent of R1.

R1 reserves the right to alter, suspend or revoke any membership at any time for any reason, or for no reason at all. Membership termination may result from, but is not limited to:

  • Providing false, fraudulent or otherwise misleading information
  • Using a proxy, VPN or otherwise masking your internet to misrepresent your location
  • Using scripts, bots or form automation to simulate human input
  • Promoting competing websites or services
  • Displaying abusive, disruptive or otherwise inappropriate behaviour
  • Using this site and Service in a manner not designed or intended
  • Violating the terms set forth in this document

8. Disclaimers

This site and Service are provided on an "as is" basis, and makes no claims, warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied.  R1 is not responsible or liable for any result that may arise from the use of the Service, or from the use of 3rd party products and services listed by the Service.

Personal information submitted to Sponsors for the completion of Incentives becomes property and domain of that Sponsor. Read all Sponsors' Terms & Conditions carefully before engaging with any Incentive.