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OVERWATCH worth the price?

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  • OVERWATCH worth the price?

    Who has Overwatch? Also do you play on PC or PS4?

    Which is better PC or Ps4 for this game?

    If you already have it what lvl you at?

    Post ss of your character if possible.

    Sorry for all the question just wondering if this game is as good as everyone says it is.


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    PC 10000% and I was level 28 in the beta, and yes it's definitely worth the $40 usd it is.
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      There are many aspect that make the $40 price justified and you might not even consider a paywall to be selling point but gamers have payed more then that to join private servers in other titles to prevent hackers. This is a Blizzard game and from my understand it will basically run on pretty much any computer with optimal performance. It might be that this is a new game but I always instantly que into a game and rarely ever play the same person. I have never been suspicious that a player is actually a bot.

      I have already invested into this game.


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        Yeah!! the game is worth purchasing. I have been a craziest fan of playing this game ever since one of my friends suggested me to Buy Overwatch from the official site of Instant-gaming at $41.42 only. The game is really awesome and should be played along with gamer friends.