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Rules to follow - read this before you post here.

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  • Rules to follow - read this before you post here.

    Member Services Forum is a place for members to advertise their services. Members may create ONE thread which serves as their "shop" to explain, market, and answer questions of potential customers.

    To use this forum please observe the following rules.

    • You are allowed to post ONE thread advertising your offer or service. This includes graphics work (banners), website and programming services, currency exchangers, referral guides, etc. Multiple posts must be significantly different, or your posts will be deleted.
    • All information regarding your service(s) must be clearly stated in your opening post, and all questions must be addressed within your thread.
    • You may not offer referrals, trade sign ups, or otherwise engage with activities associated with a competing website or service.
    • You may bump your post at most, once a day

    • All Rewards1 forums rules apply here. Any undisciplined behaviour will not be tolerated.
    • No derailing or hijacking another member's thread
    • Constructive criticism is encouraged; pointless flaming is not

    Failure to adhere to these rules will lead to consequences which include:
    • Deletion of thread(s)
    • Ban from this forum
    • Ban hammered from the site

    Side note:
    Do not post "looking for jobs" or "will do anything", as they are vague, unclear and consiered spam. Instead, list your skills or services, or post examples of your work, as spamming general statements will get your post deleted.
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