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---explanation of the new rank system---

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  • ---explanation of the new rank system---

    Refrain from locking this. Thanks.

    Due to the confusion surrounding the new rank system, I have chosen to explain it like this:

    The rank system is based on 4 different paths. These are:
    • Earnings
    • Referrals
    • Rewards Redeemed
    • Account Age

    You must take 3 of these paths to rank up. Two of the paths you can choose are already mandatory: Rewards Redeemed and Account Age.

    That leaves two remaining paths to choose from: Earnings or Referrals.

    - Earnings is based on the point equivalent of what you have earnt from Offers, Tasks, Daily Surveys, Special Offers and the Paid to Click section. REFERRAL EARNINGS ARE DISREGARDED HERE.

    - Referrals is based on the amount of active referrals you have, meaning the amount of referrals you have that have completed at least one offer.

    I have made a diagram to show this in image form:

    (To clear something up, the rank icon is the users current rank, and the stats below it are the stats required to earn the NEXT rank. The first rank requires nothing. You could also look at it as the rank requirements being shown above the actual rank.)

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    What counts as a reward?


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      Should I be worried that ariansandstrom is bumping Sandstorm2204 thread?

      A reward falls under an action done under REDEEM Tab.

      note: i know it's strom vs storm but still.